I am currently researching alternative photographic techniques of Cyanotype,Anthotype and Lumen cameraless photography using my garden as a resource for sustainable and ecological printmaking methods.
During my self directed residency at Benmore Botanic Garden in Argyll (2018/19) and my residency with the Scottish Ornithological Club (2019/20) I was inspired by the work of botanist Anna Atkins ( b.1799-1871)
and her early photograms of plants and seaweeds in beautiful Cyanotype blue.

This led to two years of experimenting with Cyanotype and collaged photograms made from my collection of photographs of the arbitrary,the out of place lost objects of generations past.These objects shedding their colour and shape slowly consumed by the natural world have an ephemeral feel which I tend to gravitate towards.

As everything has become more localised and travel restricted with the pandemic, my arts practice has become more focused on my garden and the forest tracks above the coastline of Cowal where I live and work.
I am making infusions to tone my cyanotypes with foraged nettles,Rowan berries ,Himalayan Honeysuckle berries,Buddleia flowers,Horseradish leaves and anything growing in abundance and in season.
The hedgerow and my garden have become a wonderful resource for understanding what is growing at my feet,how to create images that don't rely on chemicals to be developed and fixed and a wonderful
way to connect with others who are also looking at alternative ways of making and doing.