Artist Statement

“How can I number the worlds to which the eye gives me entry? -the world of light, of colour, of shape, of shadow: of mathematical precision in the snowflake, the ice formation, the quartz crystal, the patterns of stamen and petal: of rhythm in the fluid curve and plunging line of the mountain faces. Why some blocks of stone, hacked into violent and tortured shapes, should so profoundly tranquillise the mind I do not know. Perhaps the eye imposes its own rhythm on what is only a confusion: one has to look creatively to see this mass of rock as more than jag and pinnacle- as beauty.”
The Living Mountain - Nan Shepherd.

As a multi-disciplined artist I work with a variety of materials,techniques and experimentation .The experience of making and thinking with my hands is an important aspect of my practice.My research involves constructed sculptural drawings, photographs, cyanotype with traditional and contemporary printing methods.Each work represents a specific moment of exploration.

I am drawn to the romanticism of rural relics, defunct rusting metal and crumbling stone representing monuments past and past lives. I am transfixed by these disparate fragments and their imagined stories and the excitement gained with chance discoveries of clues and marks from the past. Each found object, a lost button, moss covered stone, lichen hung tree, weathered and washed up wood offers a rich narrative for my working process. I live rurally surrounded by coastline and forestry rich in social history.

Collage, and layering of processes on the page follows and responds to the notion of the surrounding landscape having the same layering, the same collage of disparate processes and functions.
Sometimes the environment is hard to comprehend. Individual happenings, functional interventions make sense, but over time meaning becomes obscure and somehow arbitrary, messy, but in a satisfying way. I want my work to recreate this sense.

It cannot be random, when some experienced compositions, relics and materials, seem to vie for attention.

Porcelain + Silver Jewellery

Hand crafted Porcelain Jewellery informed by the everchanging wild and wonderful coastal lines and botanical forms of Argyll,West Coast of Scotland.
Each piece is derived from specific shapes and surface patterns that also appear in my mixed media prints.
I use porcelain clay that is high fired in my studio kiln to 1260 degrees to maintain the clay's strength and translucent quality.
The clay is hand-formed and glazed using an overlay of underglaze patterns and oxides, finished with a transparent glaze.
The jump rings and earring hooks are crafted from Sterling Silver wire that has been formed, soldered, and finally hand polished.
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Juno  Design Gallery 142 Argyll Street Dunoon PA23 7NA
Auld Kirk Museum Cowgate Kirkintilloch, Glasgow G66 1HN
 Lillie Gallery Station Rd, Scotland, Glasgow, Milngavie, Glasgow G62 8BZ

Arts Practice 20-21