As a multi-disciplined artist, I work with a variety of materials, techniques and experimentation.
My practice has always been inspired by the natural environment exploring the conceptual and material interpretation of place. My imagery is site responsive. Each work represents a specific moment of exploration. I am drawn to the romanticism of rural relics, defunct rusting metal and crumbling stone representing monuments past and past lives. I am transfixed by these disparate fragments and their imagined stories and the excitement gained with chance discoveries of clues and marks from the past. The environment breathes, consumes and narrates. Growing, foraging and extracting colours from plants and found forgotten materials takes me on several journeys of investigation. Collecting, extracting and building an archive of colour from common garden and hedgerow plants, berries, rust and stone adds further layers to the artwork.
Living in Innellan on the South Cowal peninsula I am surrounded by coastline and forestry, these ancient landscapes traced and tracked with shifting markers of past and present lives, has been a generous source of inspiration.
The environment is hard to comprehend. Individual happenings, functional interventions make sense, but over time meaning becomes obscure and somehow arbitrary, messy, but in a satisfying way. I want my work to recreate this sense.