Living in Innellan on the South Cowal peninsula I am surrounded by coastline and forestry,these ancient landscapes traced and tracked with shifting markers of past and present lives,are a generous source of inspiration.

As a multi-disciplined artist and workshop practioner I use a variety of materials, techniques and experimentation honed over the last twenty five years of learning,making and collaboarating.

My studio is home to my electric Kiln 'Betty' and Gunning printing press 'Gilda'. All my materials are etically sourced and I recycle my porcelain clay and sterling silver so there is no waste.

Currently I have four ongoing projects Seed - Plant - Share is my research into harvesting natural dye pigments from plants. (Thank you to Keep Scotland Beautiful, Scotland's Climate Festival Seed Funds grant to start me off on my dye garden journey.
From Fleece to Felt  is my exploration into using local raw fleece from sheep farmed in Glen Massan, Dunoon, with local natural dyes to create interior & wearable adornments and Salt Water Lumens is my exploration into Lumen alternative photography with natural saltwater fixer funded by The Richard and Siobhán Coward Foundation Award for Analogue photography. Wood Lithography also known as Mokolitho, a lithography technique using a wood matirix that encompasses my love of mark making and print,funded by Creative Scotland.